Are the mentors doing the script consultations?

No, the mentors are mentoring the fellows as a part of the fellowships and the consultants are doing the script consultations.

If I submit for a script consultation, will my script be circulated to industry contacts?

If we recommend the script, then yes we will circulate. Most scripts however do not get a recommend. First and foremost, the consultations are designed to help you improve your script.

What is the turnaround time on the fellowship notice of acceptance?

4-6 weeks. Feedback is not given, but if you would would like to discuss your projects, we will set up a time and you will have a short phone call with WFW regarding your submission.

How long are the script consultations?

They vary in length— however long it takes to discuss your material in depth.

Are all the mentors and consultants professional, WGA writers?

But for Alysia Reiner- who is an award-winning actress and producer and an amazing mentor, yes. And they are all currently working— that is to say none of the mentors/consultants are retired.

How many fellows are selected?

There is no minumium— we will select as many as we feel are ready for the mentorship.

How many pieces of material can I submit for the fellowship?

As many as 3 pieces of material— screenplays, plays, books, treatments, shorts, are all eligible.

What criteria are you looking for in a selected fellow?

Talent, creativity, command of craft— writers with potential who are close to breaking into the industry but need some help and guidance to take their writing to the professional level.

How can white males be eligible for diversity and female themed fellowships?

Any writer who is writing material that is either diversity-themed or primarily female-driven is eligible. The goal for WFW is to develop and facililiate diverse material to the screen as well as giving minority writers and women more opportunities.